Fest Lojë

A couple of weekends ago, a Fest Lojë banner appeared at the cultural center. As we asked around town about it, we were told high school students from Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece were coming to Durrës to compete in games, singing and dancing. Our understanding was this was a one day event on Thursday. Not much else was said about it and about the only thing different was there were a lot of tour buses packed with kids coming and going. On Friday night, we walked down to see if there was a DVD we wanted to rent. As we go close to the rental store, the police had blocked off the road, so we took the detour to see what was going on.

Apparently, this was the final night of the fest and the students were putting on a exhibition of traditional songs and dancing. After taking many fuzzy pictures (Criss blames this on the poor automatic setting of the camera) we were able to get a couple of short clips. Then the camera memory filled up!

But it is hard to pass up posting some of these fuzzy pictures. Jump to the video if trying to focus these pictures gives you a headache.

North Albania dance

A dance team from Norther Albania.

North Albania Men's costume

A group from north Albania. Fuzzy hats for the fuzzy picture! The sticks are for herding cattle and sheep.

North Albanian Women's costume

Traditional Womens clothing from the North.

There are three short clips below, a group from the north and two groups from the south. If it does not play when you click on the image below, you need to download the Flash Player.

North Albanian Group

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Middle Albanian Group

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Middle Albanian Second Group

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