The first day back

Back in the States after the longest day filled with travel stress – the cab driver was 20 minutes late, the traffic was backed up at the airport, a large tour group arrived at the ticket counter just before us, we could only get our luggage checked to LA even though our final destination was Oklahoma City, the plane was late which made our connect in Frankfurt very tight. But even after having to re-check our luggage in LA, we made it and after two days of sleeping through dinner and being wide-awake at 3am, we are close to being back on a normal schedule.

What have we noticed the most…..

  • You have to drive to go anywhere. For 2 years, we could walk to stores to take care of most domestic purchases like groceries and clothes. After 2 days in OKC, we were already fatigued by having to drive everywhere for the simplest of things.
  • We actually know how to ask for items and we understand the answers.
  • Sugar is added to nearly every food product on the shelf and you have to be a careful shopper to avoid the extra sugar.
  • Sweet bread is not good, we miss the bakery.
  • The variety of fruits and vegetables in amazing….Criss is waiting for blueberry season.
  • The internet service is fast and always on – really always on.
  • We miss the 50-cent coffee.
  • It is quiet here, especially at 3am.

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