Welcome to our blog of adventures.  You see, we’re setting off on the Swaim’s Next Great Adventure.  Criss and Carol have been invited to serve in the Peace Corps and we’re going to Albania!  ALBANIA??  Where the heck is that?  (We had to look it up…you probably already know, you scholars, you!)  We’re going to work in business development, and we leave the U.S. March 22nd.            

As volunteers to the Peace Corps, we are to be assigned to assist with Business Development.  Carol, with her management background will be working in the capacity development.  Criss will be working in IT support.  At least that is the initial plan, we will see how this develops and will report as the future unfolds.

We’re very excited about going, though cautiously so, since it’s going to be very different living there, and we have to learn to speak Albanian!  We’ve already started to learn the very basic tourist-speak.  And Carol says it’s really fun to hear Albanian spoken with a Texas accent!

We will be posting entries of our adventures here, so you can check up on us and see what we are doing.  In the meantime, check out the FAQs.

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